Monday, January 4, 2010

Taylor Bryant is in the lead in the Chronicle's Online Poll!!


The Augusta Chronicle has an on line poll running on the front page of their web edition and it shows Taylor Bryant pulling 38% of the internet vote! Don't get too excited because there have only been 26 votes cast so far. Here's the breakdown:

Taylor Bryant 38% (10 votes)
Hardie Davis 31% (8 votes)
Harold Jones 28% (7 votes)
Sandra Scott 4% (1 vote)

I haven't tried to vote twice yet but these days on this kind of online poll you usually can't. And that's a good thing. Still, I like the numbers. In a perfect world Taylor will poll 50% of the vote plus one to avoid a runoff, most likely he'll cause a runoff and hopefully be in it. That means another 30 days of campaigning and yet another election over in Richmond County.

No time to back off now kids. If you haven't gotten involved in this campaign, now's the time to do it. Taylor needs your support to pull off the first upset victory in 2010 in Georgia. Be a part of it and vote in the online poll, send Taylor some support at his website and volunteer for tomorrows GOTV efforts in Augusta!

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Taylor Bryant for State Senate!

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