Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rumblings over at Independant Political Report!

Hey Kids,

There's some some rumbling going on the third party blog-o-sphere about directing national support to Taylor Bryant! I've already left some bread crumbs but any one who's interesting in elevating this race to the national scene should head over to the Independent Political Report and toss their two cents in. Just click on the title of this post and off you go!

The election is occurring even as I scribble this. Time to pack the truck, pick up the rest of the crew and head out for Augusta to wave signs and placards at our favorite polling stations. If anybody can help, contact Taylor's campaign and get to it!

Greetings All,

Today is the day when we discover if underfunded, understaffed and under supported Libertarian Taylor Bryant can break the 20+ year strangle hold the democrat party of Georgia has had on State Senate seat 22 in Augusta, Georgia. Taylor’s three democrat opponents have raised over $110,000 for this special election, a remarkable number considering the extremely short election cycle of about 30 days between qualifying and the election itself. It is also telling that the republican party of Georgia saw fit to sit this one out as they haven’t made a dent in District 22 for over two decades.

The big news is that Libertarian Taylor Bryant has a real shot at winning this race. Because there are a total of four candidates running, the likelihood of a clean win is remote. Here in Georgia, a candidate has to win 50% plus one vote in order to avoid a run off. The split in this election will prevent a clear democrat winner and hopefully place Taylor in a run off against whichever democrat garners the most votes.

So it is a bit late for national involvement in this local Georgia race. If a run off occurs, then things change.

The readership may be interested to know that a second special election for a second democrat held State Senate seat will be getting underway in District 42 as soon as the current office holder, Senator David Adelman, is confirmed as the next US ambassador to Singapore.

That race would be a prime opportunity for the Green Party of Georgia to field a candidate for state senate. The Georgia LP has a candidate, Jason Carter has announced his intention to run as a democrat and others are mulling a run as well. There’s still a month or so before Adelman says adios and wings his way to Singapore, and the addition of a Green Party candidate in district 42 would give a distinct flavor to the impending melee.

In the meantime, visit Taylor’s website, check the Augusta Chronicle this evening for election results and if Taylor does cause a run off, join in the fun!

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