Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Rassmussen Poll Mispells John Monds Name!

Hey Kids,

Looks like all the other bloggers and pundits around town are performing punditry type activity with the newest Rasmussen poll on the 2010 Governor's race here in Georgia. As you would normally expect, the candidates polled in the survey are the "Top Tier" republicans and King Roy. And the big news is that Roy polls evenly with the Ox, Karen "What? Finish my Term?" Handel, and Nathan "Stinky" Deal. That's a stunner.

The big news to us is that Rasmussen's copy editor had a brain fart and listed Libertarian John Monds as "Some other Candidate". Like there is going to be some other candidate besides John Monds on the ballot with King Roy and which ever of the republican's that survive their increasingly vicious primary fight. As libertarians, we know the big name polling operations don't like to talk about us because we don't commission polls. And you don't spend da money, you don't get no pollster love. Fine, we can live with. That's the free market baby.

But come November there will be a Libertarian on the ballot, there will be a republican on the ballot and there will be a democrat on the ballot. A category for "Some other Candidate" will not be on the ballot. That's a fact, Jack.

So take heart Libertarians and liberty lovers of all stripes, John Monds is polling 5% right now and the race hasn't even started. His 5% of the poll responses actually equals 10% of the support that the democrat or republican contender has and John has spent a fraction of a fraction of what they have so far. Proof positive that our war of attrition is working.

So get over to John Monds website and toss a dollar on his donate button, but before you do, cruise over to the adsense sidebar and click on the ad for Handel, or Barnes or Deal or the Ox or whoever. It's kind of like that line from "It's a Wonderful Life", you know, the one about the bells tinkling and an angel getting it's wings. Only the tinkling sound is made by cash leaving the campaigns of our opponents and a tiny sliver of it showing up here at Bludgeon & Skewer to allow us to continue our volunteer work advancing the cause of Liberty!

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote Libertarian! John Monds for Governor, Chuck Donovan for US Senate and David Chastian for Secretary of State!

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