Friday, January 29, 2010

Libertarian Party Annual Convention 24 APRIL 2010

That's right Kids,

The Georgia LP's annual convention will be on 24 APR 10 this year at a location to be announced shortly. Time to check your membership card and make sure that your dues are paid up so you can take part in the convention and vote for the candidates of your choice. Any of the readership that has not taken the plunge might want to do so, it'll set you back $25.00 for a state party membership and you have to be a state party member to vote at the state convention.

Unlike our republican and democrat brothers and sisters, the Georgia LP decides who will carry the banner of Liberty at the state convention. We don't do state wide primaries and we don't waste time and money letting our candidates beat each other about the head and shoulders for months, hell, for years before those primary elections. We get all that knocked out in one day the the convention. And if none of the candidates look good enough to represent the Libertarian Party, then NOTA carries the day. You republicans and democrats really, really, really ought to look at that, it's None Of The Above, NOTA.

Now because 2010 is a radically different off year election, the Georgia LP is gonna try some different stuff at this years convention. One of the things being discussed is who to invite to speak at the convention. All kinds of names are being floated and of course we'll be hearing from John Monds, our declared candidate for Governor, Chuck Donovan, our declared candidate for US Senate and David Chastain our declared candidate for the Secretary of State. We're also hoping to hear from Taylor Bryant, our State Senate District 22 candidate from Augusta as well as David Montane from the 42nd.

But who else to invite? Bob Barr? Wayne Allen Root? Ron Paul? Rue Paul? Lady Ga Ga? Who would be the biggest draw? Glen Beck? Sarah Palin? Do we go with Bill Redpath or roll the dice on Joe Kennedy? And of course, who ever speaks isn't gonna be walking off with 100K like Sarah stung the Tea Party guys and gals for. There's not that kind of money in the Liberty game. Mostly just Liberty and Justice for All.

So any suggestions from the readership would be appreciated. There are rogue elements in the LP that want Roy Barnes to speak to see if he'll try to suck up us and there is another clique that is dying to hear from John Oxendine for the same reason. And we thought we had a twisted sense of humor.

So ponder that kids and leave some suggestions, after you do that head over to the side bar and spend some of Karen Handels money by clicking on her ad. It's easy and it's fun!

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