Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Update for State House District 19

The fat lady has sung,

Sadly, there will be no Libertarian candidate in the mix out there in State House District 19's impending special election. The State Ethics Commission website lists three republican in the race and the community bulletin board over at says that a 4th republican qualified with the SecState late today. So there will be a unity of choice for the denizens and citizens of district 19 that resembles the the choice of colors that Henry Ford offered for the Model T way back in the way back. Any color you want so long as it's black.

But fear not, the intrepid Libertarians do have a candidate for the State Senate race in District 42 in Decatur and we promise to run one of the most interesting campaigns Georgia has ever seen for a special election. There will be at least one LP sponsored debate during the oh so short campaign cycle and a host of other micro events to focus the voters of the district on issues and solutions important to all.

So throw caution to the winds and contact the DeKalb Libertarian Party to get involved. Democrat Jason Carter is the front runner and it's gonna take a lot of work to to level the playing field for Liberty.

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