Friday, January 1, 2010

Democrat Candidate Hardie Davis is sitting on $32,000 in walking around money!

Good News Augusta Democrats!

Looks like democrat Candidate Hardie Davis is the clear leader in the all important "walking around money" category for the upcoming State Senate District 22 special election. He's out raised all the other candidates and even managed to hold onto a pretty significant amount of cash in the closing days of this hotly contested election to properly fund GOTV efforts on January 5th. Some of you might not be familiar with the phrase "walking around money" or "street money" so here's the wikipedia definition:

"Street money is an American political tactic in which local party officials are given legal cash handouts by an electoral candidate's campaign in exchange for the official's support in turning out voters on election day."

How critical is walking around money going to be in this race? Real critical for the democrat contenders, the advance voting has been dismal with a reported 600 voters rolling in as of yesterday. That does seem to support the overall lack of interest that all the candidates have faced in this special election. So the rubber hits the road on January 5th and the organization that has the most vans shuttling voters to the polls will win the day, supposedly. Democrat Candidate Davis has $32K to play with, democrat candidate Harold Jones has $11K, democrat candidate Scott hasn't got around to filing her disclosure report so who knows what she has on hand and Libertarian Taylor Bryant wouldn't play if he had the money.

Both democrat candidate Davis and democrat candidate Jones are looking for 6000+ votes to win this thing clean with no run off. that means that Davis supporters can expect him to fund his GOTV effort at about $5 a vote, Jones is at a disadvantage with his supporters looking at about $1.83 a vote. Not that the guys and gals who vote next Tuesday are actually gonna get paid. They're not, but the vans need gas, and Wendy's ain't giving away free lunches and even volunteers gotta eat. And what kind of respectable candidate would expect their volunteers to knock on doors and stand out there in the rain and cold waving signs all day for nothing?

A Libertarian candidate. That's because Libertarians do suffer from fire in the belly. They believe that direct personal action is required in the defense of liberty and standing in a freezing rain for a few hours reminding fellow citizens of the importance of their votes is a small price to pay if it moves liberty forward another yard. That's why I'll be in Augusta next Tuesday morning, waiting at the RoadRunner Cafe with my fellow Libertarians for my polling station assignment and my sign and I will be waving it and encouraging passer's by to cast their ballots for Libertarian Taylor Bryant for State Senate!

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