Saturday, December 19, 2009

Libertarian Taylor Bryant has zoomed to page one ranking in Google search!

Big news Kids,

Taylor Bryant, the kid from nowhere, has zoomed up to page one ranking at Google search using the search phrase "Taylor Bryant". It's no small feat to grab the number 4 spot on the first page of returns out of 3.7 million hits on Google, but it has happened with Taylor Bryant. When I first started looking into this campaign, you had to use Taylor's name with the second descriptor of Libertarian to find him in the first 15 pages. Way to go Taylor!

Let's keep working on the buzz and make sure that Taylor stays in the news by commenting on his race where ever you can. While you're at it, drop by his website and drop a dollar on his donate button! Or go way beyond that and volunteer to put up yard signs, hand out literature or anything else you can think of!

17 days until the election! Lets put Libertarian Taylor Bryant in the State Senate!

1 comment:

  1. I think it's great Taylor is getting onto the front page of Google search. I searched for him earlier in the week and clicked the "Promote" button to get him to the front page. If enough people do this I think he can become #1 in searches even without the ""s.

    Plus, if everyone posts his website url on all their web sites, FB, MySpace, Tweet, blogs, etc then that's more relevant links can boost his search engine rankings.

    Keep it up the great work everyone!!
    (webmaster for Bryant)