Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Guy Taylor Bryant gets Facetime at WRDW News 12!

News Flash Kids,

Our guy Taylor Bryant got some bigtime facetime with WRDW News 12 in Augusta today! You can see the clip by clicking on the title of this post if I can't figure out how to embed it later on. Taylor has some great quotes and the rest of the merry band of democrat blood suckers get some face time too! There's democrat Candidate Hardie "How much time do I have left to file my campaign disclosure report?" Davis, democrat Candidate Harold "I got $41,000 in my campaign account!" Jones and the singing democrat Candidate Sandra Scott Cannon. No singing this time though.

Best quote of the piece goes to Taylor. Right at the end he says he's not a ruler, he's leader. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from my OCS days, "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way". Way to speak from the heart Taylor.

Here's the vid:

OK, miserable fail. Looks like you'll have to click on the title of this post to see the vid. One day I'll actually have a uber-cyber-ninja who knows how to do this kind stuff effortlessly and seamlessly. But not today.

So we got 7 days left to the election. Taylor needs your support like right now. Every Libertarian in Georgia really ought to drop what ever you're doing and go to Taylors website and drop a sawbuck on his donate button. It would take about $2500 dollars to absolutely saturate the AM talk radio market in Augusta on next Monday and Tuesday with Taylor's message of Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom. That's 125 donors kicking in $20 each. If Google analytics is telling the straight stuff, that's about 20% of the folks that wander through here on a daily basis.

It's time to stop observing events and time to start influencing them. You count and your $20 bucks count even more. Take the plunge and get involved, send Taylor Bryant some support and help change politics in Georgia.

Vote for for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for and Support Taylor Bryant for Georgia State Senate District 22!

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