Friday, December 4, 2009

Holy Crap! There's gonna be another Special Election in Georgia House District 19!


You get all worked up because there's gonna be a special election in Georgia Senate District 42 due to Dave Adelman getting appointed Ambassador to Singapore and then it hits you that what with the republican Speaker of the house having to resign over ethical problems, well, there's gonna be a special election State House District 19 to get a replacement for him too!

So where the hell is State House District 19? The hard working crew over here at Bludgeon & Skewer has an answer and a freakin' map!

So State House District 19 is in play as of 1 JAN 2010, since the esteemed Speaker managed to dictate terms on his resignation to be effective as of that date. What a guy! We're looking into a suitable Libertarian Candidate for that race right now and keeping an eye open for any other republicans that might screw up, get caught and have to follow Speaker Richardson's example in the near future.

Lot's to do as we continue prepping for the special election in Senate District 42 and start planning for next years run at House District 19.

More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer!

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