Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chuck Donovan Fires another Libertarian Broadside!

This guy gets it,

Chuck Donovan, the only declared Libertarian candidate for Johnny Isakson's US Senate seat has put a new piece up at discussing why he decided to throw his hat in the ring with the Libertarians. I can't wait to vote for him at next years convention!

Here's the article titled:

Why I Am Running As A Libertarian Party Candidate

By Chuck Donovan

"There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."

Noah Webster (1758-1843)

The question I am most often asked is why I am running for office as a Libertarian instead of focusing my energy on reforming one of the "established" parties. Here is an excerpt from an email I received :

"... Please reconsider your decision to run on the Libertarian ticket. The Republicrats have essentially locked out a third party candidate. If a Democrat runs many independents will vote for him just to be rid of Isakson and your third party vote could pull enough votes to assure his election. Please consider the GOP as a means to the end for a greater good. Our original Constitution was written on a great compromise but gave us a strong government for nearly 75 years. You can compromise also, for the good of our country and the state of Georgia..."

While offering sincere concern and ultimate support, I think there are several incorrect assumptions this writer shares with other voters. The first is that because it has been that way for so long, it will not change now. We have a special opportunity in 2010 to make a real impression on Washington, D.C. For years, unhappy Democrats have voted for Republicans in order to send a message to the Democrats. Unhappy Republicans voted for Democrats to send a message to the Republicans. The only message the mainstream parties have received is that they own all of the power in Washington, D.C. We can send a far different message this election year.

Voters also assume that one party or another is the lesser of two evils. There is only one comment to make on that idea, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Between the lines is the idea that people vote out of fear. He is right. I have done so myself. I have looked at terrible candidates and given them a vote nonetheless because the other candidate was clearly more dangerous to our country. I will never do that again. I ask voters to also more seriously consider the use of their one very small vote. Voting out of fear has never accomplished anything good.

I am asked to compromise. I am sure it will not be the last time. Americans have been given the incorrect idea that giving up a little freedom now will get you more later. That is a bad idea too. Don't give up one bit. Fight for everything you think is right without compromise. Then vote for what you know is right. With that kind of attitude, the Libertarian Party will completely knock every incumbent Republican and Democrat out of office for good.

The biggest disagreement I have is that either of the mainstream parties can be changed in any significant way. I believe they have shown us exactly what they intend to do. Whether times have been good or bad, the Republicans and Democrats have consistently grown government, expanded regulations to benefit special interests, increased the national debt, and passed the difficult decisions off on someone else. Whenever a choice had to be made, they have consistently told voters, working Americans, and working American businesses must tighten our belts while government continues to ride on our backs.

Here was my reply to him and to all of you who ask why I have accepted a request from the Libertarians to run for office:

"...I am well aware of the established structures the mainstream parties have. I know as a third party candidate I am essentially blazing my own trail... That said, when talking about political parties I am focused only on their results. Democrats and Republicans have been promising us for decades a smaller government, less regulations, and fiscal responsibility. These are the things I want from government, but what I have seen delivered decade after decade is much bigger government, more regulations, and fiscal insanity. I cannot put my name in line with the list of abject failures the Democrats and Republicans have sent into office. How many times do these people have to demonstrate to us who they are before we will believe them?

Our country, particularly our dollar, is in crisis. The poor leadership and misdirection delivered by the mainstream parties is the cause. A true change is what we need. I think the Libertarian Party is the only party in the world actually offering a valid way out. We are the only ones actually focused on individual liberty with a confidence in our fellow citizens. I share their belief and choice of direction. I furthermore am confident that the weight of history, economics, and morality is on our side.

I assure you that we have a strategy that will not only unseat Johnny Isakson, but defeat the Democratic candidate as well. I ask that Georgians not vote out of fear. The only true concern we have is that the Status Quo remains in Washington, D.C. The Status Quo will destroy our fragile economy, our dear Constitution and our precious liberty..."

My mission is freedom, and my vision is now.

Like I said, this guy gets it. Go to his website and drop a dollar on his donate button, volunteer for his campaign and remember, vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote Libertarian!

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