Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can Two Democrats run for the same seat in a Special Election? You Betcha!

Big News Kids,

The Senate district 42 special election just got more complicated as John Ridley, Ex Decatur City Councilman has sent out an massive email blast telling everybody he's thinking about running. That would make two democrats in the race if Jason Carter gives it a go. In a similar vein, a little bird tells us that the redoubtable republican, Altaf Galeyev, is looking at the race very closely and is likely to enter the contest as well. And a different little bird has signaled some interest from those zany Green Party guys and gals. What a contest this is shaping up to be!

Speaking of shape, here's a map of State Senate District 42. A modern marvel of the art of the Gerrymander, it winds its way from Decatur through Avondale Estates to the mighty metropolis of Scottdale to the east and laps over I-85 around Clairmont Road to the north. The nooks and cranny's of it's path ensure that District 42 will forever be a liberal democratic stronghold anchored on the Emory Complex. Check out the map and see if you're one of the lucky citizens who will have an opportunity to vote in the upcoming election!


One day my Cyber-Ninja Kung Fu will be good enough to get an actual picture to post on this blog, but not today. If you want to see the pitiful state supplied map then copy and paste the link above.

If you want to see a great map that actually shows you the road net and place names while being helpfully color coded, check out this site:


More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer!

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