Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swear to God it wasn't us! Joker Poster Comment 4 AUG 09

Great googlimoogly!

You know, you play around with some insulting tea party posters and all of a sudden you're on the short list of suspects when some other dim witted bozo knocks out a neat piece of agi-prop and has the temerity to stick a few of them up on assorted telephone poles in L.A and then Atlanta. Let me be very clear about this, Bludgeon & Skewer had absolutely nothing to do with the Obama Joker Poster. You can tell by the fact that it does not include simple things like "Support the Consitution" or "Defend the Republic" or "Vote Libertarian"

Now that that's cleared up, I think the Joker poster is a classic use of a pop culture icon with incredible mnenomics. The image is arresting and sparks waves of associations in the brain, everybody knows the Joker. Everybody knows Rockin' Barry O. And now, courtesy of a artfully done image, millions of Americans have that ticking time bomb of association lodged deep inside their heads. The more people that see it, the more people talk or write about it, the deeper the association becomes until by the middle of next week we'll be inundated by waves of Obama images from the archives of the Evil Marvel Universe.


Ok, just to prove that we didn't publish the Joker, here is some of the work we do claim. Here are some of our tea party posters that made the Rachel Maddow Show way back last spring.

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