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Comment at Jason Pye 19 AUG 09

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Jason Pye has a article running over at his place titled "Libertarians Drifting back towards Republicans?" from the guys and gals over at the Cato Institute. Just had to beat that dead horse.

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A better description for the article's title might be "Are Independents fleeing the scene". It is indisputable that self described "independent" voters put Rockin' Barry O in the saddle in the last election and have stampeded around the country with him in response to one crisis after another. The crisis du jour, health care, seems to have pushed a sizable percentage of them out of the committed to change column and into the "what have we done?" category. Will these same independents climb back aboard the shattered wreck that is the current Republican party or will they look elsewhere for a voice?

The concept of throwing the current crop of elected officials out on their keisters is near and dear to my way of thinking but due to the current restrictions placed on third party candidates here in Georgia and elsewhere in the nation, just who could get on the ballot that wasn't a Republican or Democrat hack? Georgians will have a Libertarian choice in the Governors race in 2010, but as far as the Georgia House and Senate goes, don't expect anything different from the 2008 election cycle. Somewhere around 60 Democrats and 80 Republicans will run unopposed and be reelected and the whole mess will begin anew.

So what can the the gruntled and disgruntled citizens of Georgia do to affect this never ending cycle of dishonesty and corruption? How can average guys and gals take meaningful action and make their discontent known to the unresponsive leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties?

You can smack your elected representatives in the face with something they do understand. Your vote. Here in Georgia, we'll be electing a new Governor next year and if you really want to shake the established political parties up, vote for John Monds for Governor of Georgia.

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