Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palins OODA Move

The amount of traffic my girl Sarah has generated throughout the internet, the TV/Cable nets and print and radio over the last few days is mindboggling. When I go to Politico and see comment trails numbering in the thousands, it tells you something. Sarah Plain Rocks! She out mediaied Micheal Jackson, blew poor ol' Mark Sanford clear out the headlines, made everybody ask the question "Zelaya?" and has generally dictated traffic for the last three days.

Simply phenomenal.

What drives that level of continued attention? Jeeze, what with political upheaval in Honduras, Rockin' Barry O' fixin' to go eyeball to eyeball with Vlad "Calender Guy" Putin, the Chinese, the Indians and the other half of the world talking about ditching the dollar and Steve McNair getting murdered, you'd think people would be doing something else other than overcrowding the comment boards on my favorite political sites. But they're not. They're out there in droves, hordes I tell you, cluttering up the landscape, making it impossible to find whatever it was that you wrote and generally taking a huge bite out the available bandwidth.

While the numbers are incredible, some of the things you read off of RCP are unbelievable. The vitriol and hate that some of my fellow posters exhibit is beyond the pale. I don't think there are any negative comments or combinations of them that have not been stated and restated and restated again. Just when you thought that your friends with Bush Derangement Syndrome were finally cured by the absence of W, along comes Sarah Palin and your recently cured buddies come down with Palin Derangement Syndrome. Totally freakin' weird.

I gotta say that the Molotov cocktail her lawyer tossed in the front window of every major newspaper, TV news outfit and all over the blogosphere today sure lit things up. After 3 days of speculation and rumor mongering as to the why's and wherefore's of Sarah's resignation, Sarah dictates the discussion all over again. Talk trash and I'll sue your ass for defamation and libel. And I'll win because the things you've reported and quoted and speculated on are not true. And you knew they weren't. See you in court for a nice fat settlement.

So tomorrow brings another day and we'll have to wait and see what those wiley rascals up in Wasilla have on the schedule for the MSM/Blogoshere. This is what happens when you get a "Third Tier Political Organization" working a plan with a political superstar like Sarah Palin. You get 1,000,000 facebook friends, a twitter list from hell and the ability to dictate the news cycle for the last 72 hours. And when the project is over , those third tier guys will take a look and see how it worked out and start planning their next move in the game. If they're not working on projects 5 thru 17 already.

I can think of few races already underway that would welcome her with open arms. Libertarian Candidate John Monds here in Georgia should do an event with Sarah if that's possible. A rally, speech/facebook/meetup /electronic gathering of some sort. Find an issue that both agree on and hammer home the agreement. Lower Taxes? You Betcha, Smaller government? You Betcha. More Freedom? You Betcha.

Butts in seats, baby, butts in seats.

OK, Bludgeon & Skewer will look into this. The proposition is a rally/speech/facebook/meetup/fundraiser with John Monds and Sarah Palin as the headliners. Anyway in the world that this could happen? We'll find out!

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