Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rockin' Barry O's fourth presser draws 24.7 million hypothetical viewers! 23 JUL 09

OK Kids,

It doesn't look so bad for the
PresBo on his fourth presser about the ObamaCare plan. We had predicted that this conference would draw about 14.7 million viewers and so we were dead wrong about the magnitude of the decline. But according to an article over at, that 24.7 million is down from the viewership of presser number three at 28.8 million, which was less than presser number two at 40.3 million or presser number one at an astonishing 49.4 million.

I think the results of the overnights are indicative of just who is to blame for the current mess we're in. The victory that team Obama rolled into last November was not the result of any kind of landslide movement in American politics, it was the result of about 15 million true believers coupled with the traditional democratic base that resulted in the win.

And what do we have to show for it? More open government? Were the various and sundry major pieces of legislation that have been rammed through available for public inspection? Is Guantanamo closed? What happened to all that stimulus money? And a host of other questions.

Is this the Change that was voted for?

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